Au Pair Ambassadors

Cultural Care Au Pair recognizes au pairs that go above and beyond during their au par year, the Ambassador program is one way of doing that.  The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to promote cultural exchange, enhance the au pair experience for both ambassadors and other au pairs, and motivate one another by fostering a thriving au pair community.

It is a way for au pairs to become more involved with Cultural Care and be recognized for it. Through this program, ambassadors become part of a global community, gain opportunities to share their story, and receive exclusive perks from Cultural Care.

Our ambassadors are provided with four buckets of opportunities to get involved and develop:

  • Community Builder: Strengthen your community by welcoming new au pairs, organizing meet-ups, and supporting your peers.
  • Media Influence: Share your experiences and any information that will be useful to other au pairs, through blogs and social media takeovers.
  • Mentor: Sign up to be a Cultural Care Buddy, and get matched with au pairs who just found a family and have not traveled yet.
  • Advocate for au pairs: Participate in research projects and focus groups to help us improve the au pair program.

I am honored to have two Ambassador in my group this year, Isabella and Annebell have been great at welcoming new au pairs, attending meetings, and encouraging those that need support during the year.   I wanted to be sure to recognize them and their ongoing support of cultural exchange with the au pair program.

Isabella is an au pair from Brazil who is living in Greenfield, MN. She began her 1st year in January 2019 and just extended for 9 months.


Annebell is 1/2 way through her year.  She arrived in July from Austria and has been living in Maple Grove, MN with her host family.

Thank you Isabella and Annebell!

Saturday, 4 April 2020 2:31 PM


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