Au Pair Goodbyes Can Be Hard

As a Local Childcare Consultant for Cultural Care for over 12 years, I have had to say a lot of goodbyes.  Many au pairs I become friends with while they are here, and I get to see them grow and mature as they spend their year here in the U.S.
This week I had to say goodbye to 4 lovely ladies – 4 goodbyes in one night is not fair! One will be heading to Texas for her 2nd year as an au pair, one is moving to Atlanta with her host family (a bonus to hosting an au pair is that often in a move your child care moves with you!), and two will be ending their year and heading back to their home countries of Austria and Germany.
There are some au pairs that just make my job much less of a job and much more fun, these four have been a part in that this year and I wish them all the best and safe travels wherever the future takes them!

Thursday, 20 June 2019 8:22 AM


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