Back to School – a little behind schedule

Back to school came way to soon this year for some reason – well maybe it does every year!  Summer just is not long enough for most of us.  I think there might be some that would disagree, usually childcare givers that have school age kids in their care!  The lists of things to do begins to run out, kids are more and more saying the dreaded phrase “I’m Bored!” and that means it’s time for them to head back to school.

With that comes schedule changes and when hosting an au pair it can be a good thing!  It might mean you have a few extra hours of child care and can add a date night or help with errands on the weekend occasionally.  The au pair program is a great program for those things and offers a lot more flexibility than traditional child care.

For those that are hosting an au pair it is also important that if the schedule will be changing that you discuss this with your au pair and help them understand the new hours.  It is of course a good idea to give your au pair time to adjust to working different hours, and also to be respectful if your au pair has plans for an evening or weekend and try to accommodate that.  The goal of the au pair program is to create a cultural exchange experience – this means give and take from both sides.  Communicating about schedules is an important part of showing respect and both the host family and au pair are responsible to be sure this happens regularly. In the spirit of the program, remember that things come up unexpectedly, plans change, and we all have impromptu things that we want to be able to do – communication is key to creating both a working relationship and also helping your au pair have a great year!

Thursday, 13 September 2018 2:55 PM


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