Is Your Au Pair Ready to Drive?

Driving is one of the biggest hurdles that host families encounter and that I get a lot of questions about.  Unfortunately, every au pair has a different level of driving skills and experience, some have very little at all.  However, even the best drivers need time to adjust to a new country, different rules, different signs, and finding their way around!  I try to emphasize with host families that they need to give an au pair time to get comfortable behind the wheel and expecting perfection the first time is really unrealistic.

As a mom who is now teaching my second son to drive, I totally can relate to the headaches and fears of an inexperienced driver.  Patience is key for sure, and a lot of prayer!  But I also enjoy the excitement, and sense of accomplishment that comes with teaching my kids something new, or helping them get better at something they already know, but need more practice.  Your au pair will remember and appreciate the time it takes you to teach them to drive. Just think how prepared you will be when your children reach the age of starting to drive!

Here is an article from State Farm on Teen Driving 101.  It might be helpful as you navigate teaching your au pair to drive.  Go through the list with your au pair in mind, and revisit the list when the seasons change (driving in snow is very different than rain, etc.).  If you can accomplish the list with your au pair, they will feel more confident, and so will you.


Friday, 3 March 2017 3:21 PM


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